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About New Fellowship Christian Center About New Fellowship Christian Center

Our Staff
Mallory & Denise Monroe

Diane Roebuck
    Admistrative Secretary

Christine Jackson

Edwin Temple & Gail Temple
    Elder & Minister

Loretta Roebuck

Patricia Johnson

Carol Fryer

Ellie Glover

Robert Johnson

Jennifer Weaver

Leslie Carter

Lawanika Monroe Kul-Khmedallah

Bernice Wells

Pastor's Committee

Michelle Griggs

Ellie Glover and Christine Jackson

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Orange , VA 22960
Phone: 540-672-3869

About Our Church

We are a Church that teaches the Word of God, and is now bringing up leaders that will stand in this present time to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Knowing, that it's with your faith that you can change circumstances, situations and sicknesses in your life. So, remember Mark 11:22 Have faith in GOD.     

Pastors Mallory and Denise Monroe

Statement of Beliefs

We Believe and Teach:

- God is Triune...God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit

- The Old and New Testament are God's divinely inspired words.

- Salvation is provided for all people through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary's Cross

- The baptism of the Holy Spirit is available to every Believer.

- Healing is provided in the redemptive work of Christ and is available to every Believer.

- Water baptism, and observance of the Lord's Supper.

- The return of Jesus Christ is imminent; it shall be personal and visible.

Church History

New Fellowship Christian Center was organized in 1984 at the home of Elder Mallory & wife, Denise Monroe of Radiant, Virginia. The originial church members consisted of The Monroes and their children, M.C., Maurice and Lawanika, Lynn and Darnella Sims, Carol Carpenter and children, Jane Herndon and children and Raymond and Christine Jackson and children. This group would gather every Wednesday night for Bible studies.

In 1986 under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Elder Monroe began his search for a building where they could hold church and continue the work that God had for him to do in Madison County. Little did he know, the Lord had already prepared a place for them to worship, which was the Church of the Nazarene, under the direction of Pastor Underwood, who agreed to rent the building to Elder Monroe and his congregation for their services. This was the begininning of the New Fellowship Pentecostal Church.

On April 23, 1987, God enabled Pastor Monroe and the New Fellowship Pentecostal Church to purchase the building. In 1993 the youth department was organized under the leadership of Loretta Roebuck. In 1997 the name of the church was changed from New Fellowship Pentecostal Church to New Fellowship Christian Center.

As Pastor Monroe continued to follow God's Word and leadership, God blessed them with other Ministers and Ministries. Through God's leadership, Pastor Monroe's wife, Denise, was elevated to a higher call as Co-Pastor of NFCC. As the church continued to grow others were called into various posistions. God blessed the church with Elders; Loretta Roebuck, Christine Jackson and Edwin Temple. Ministers: Patricia Johnson, Phyllis Pettie, Gail Temple, Carol Fryer, Nils Aylor and Ellie Glover; and a Deacon: Robert Johnson.

NFCC has been blessed with other Auxiliaries and Ministries; they are: Praise and Worship Team, Intercessory/World Prayer Team, Pastor's Aide Committee, Mass Choir, Adult Male Chorus, Teen Choir (Divine Prodigy), Children's Choir (Angels of Praise), Missions, CVOYA (Christian Voices of Young Adults), Drama Ministry (Reflections), Girl's Dance Team (Genesis), Women's Dance Team (Divinity), Mime Team (Blessed and Anointed), Adult and Junior Ushers and Women's and Men's Fellowship.

NFCC has a phenomenal Youth Ministry, currently under the leadership of Roy and Tyra May. The third Friday night of each month is called "Fun Night" and time is set aside for fun, games, laughter, snacks, prizes and "Words of Inspiration and Encouragement" for our youth and the youth from surrounding communities. One weekend in the month of May is set aside for the youth and one day in August we hold a Back to School Jamboree. Also, during the spring we hold an "All Stars Recognition", which is held to recognize youth accomplishments. For we know that our youth is very important for they are the future of the church.

NFCC financially and prayerfully supports several outreach ministries both here, in Africa, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

At NFCC we know that God is love and without love it is impossible to please Him.